My Riley was a rescue kitty as well. He was a kitten in a litter from a friend of friend. I had been at their house once and made the comment of how cute and precious he was. So when he was old enough to be away from his kitty mom I got a phone call about adopting him. Becuse I didn’t want him to end up on the streets and I always wanted a friend for Kimberly I decided to adopt him.

Things did NOT go well with the first meet and greet between the two of them. I really started to panic becaused I loved my Kimberly so much and I didn’t want to upset her by bringing this un-welcomed chaos (i.e. Riley) into her life. After much hissing and growling things finally started to calm down and they could at least have a tolerance for each other. I’m not quite sure however, they ever really loved each other.

Riley Lounging on my Backrest

Riley enjoying some afternoon sun

Riley has turned out to be quite the lover boy and a wonderful addition to my little family. He is a masher and loves to cuddle. After I pet him for a while he gets this spaced out look on his face and cranks on his motor and starts to drool. That’s how you can tell if he’s really into his lovin is if he’s drooling. As cute as it is, it’s not always the best way to wake up at 6 am.


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