Well Kimberly came to me as a present during Christmas of 1999. I had grown up with kitties but I didn’t have one that was officially labeled as “mine”.  I was the typical child that begged my parents for a pet and made the typical “I promise I’ll take care of it” statement.  This however, was getting me no where!  I kept bringing it up frequently to multiple people how badly I wanted a kitten of my own.  So one of my friends went to our local APL (Animal Protective League) and picked a baby kitty just for me!

Kimmie on Her Fleece BlanketMy Kimberly – she was so adorable and so little.  (Note: I did not name her Kimberly.  She was born at the APL and on her birth certificate it said Kim.  I figured I’d throw that out there since everyone wonders why my cat has a people name.)  My mom however, was less than thrilled that we were going to have a kitten in the house.  She made me give Kimberly back to my friend for a few nights because she was so un happy about her.  But after some whining I got my way and Kimberly was there to stay!


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