Oh the many pictures I have of my children… I mean my pets

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At my young age I have already been told that I am the crazy cat lady! Me?! Hmmm well I suppose that is up for debate. One of my friends in high school told me that I was going to turn out to be a 70 year old lady running around my place with my robe, fuzzy slippers and about 100 cats all named kitty. Currently I have the robe, fuzzy slippers and two super cute kitties named Kimberly and Riley.

My kitties are a blast and I love them. I got Kimmie when I was in 8th grade and recently adopted Riley into my family. It’s so fascinating to me to see how different their personalities are. I tell everyone that Kimberly is my sassy New Yorker. She has quite the attitude on her and well if she’s not in the mood to deal with you she’ll make it very clear. Many a house guest has had their ankles attacked and shins bitten. Kimmie is 11 now and in her old age she’s turned a over a new leaf and is quite lovey. So many have pined for Kimmie’s affection and dreamed of the thought of holding her… dreams have been coming true recently. Riley is quite the opposite; he is my big jock. He’s my big boy that’s here to tackle people and look handsome. Sadly I don’t think much is going on up there for him; he’s maybe a “C” student, but I love him nonetheless.


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