About ME!

My name is Jennifer and this is my life in photos.  Pictures are my favorite way to document moments in my life, from the smallest things to the largest.  This way when I’m older I can look back on all the people and the times that made me who I am.  These pictures start from my life growing up in a small town to my life’s current station in the capital city, Columbus Ohio. The Capital City!

I grew up in Ravenna Ohio which is named after Ravenna Italy. It’s a pretty nice little place. Not too small of a town where everyone knows everyone’s business, but small enough to feel homey. We’re kinda obsessed with hot air balloons, they’re our theme I suppose. Colofrul Hot Air Balloon We have an annual Balloon-A-Fair festival which includes a parade and a day full of eating fair food and browsing around different booths.  I myself got to participate in the parade during high school as I was in the marching band.  Ah yes!  I was one of the cool kids in band.  Oh the many memories I have of marching in the parade.  One year my teeth were chattering because of the sleet falling and the next sweating my butt off because I was wearing a wool band uniform out in almost 80 degree sun!

Guess I didn’t mention that Ravenna was in Northeast Ohio where good old Mother Nature tends to be a bit schizophrenic.  Where one day it’s a nice pleasent 65 degrees out and you’re perfectly comfortable wearing a hoodie and then the next day… well you’re wondering where your car is under all the snow and ice!  Where is my car under all this snowGuess it taught me to stay on my toes, got me familiar with the faces on the Weather Channel and taught me to appreciate the sun because you never know when it’s coming back!


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