My Kitty Kimberly – Adopting a Shelter Animal

I fully recommend adopting animals from your local shelter.  They may not be a “pure bred” but they are full of so much love!  Kimberly was a little apprehensive in the beginning to be in a new surrounding but after a few days she was good as gold.  I gave her a perfect mixture of love and alone time to help her adjust to her new family.

Kimberly came to me from the Portage County Animal Protective League. This shelter does a great job of matching pets with their new parents or owners. The workers make note of all the animals’ personalities and give them bios. Their goal is to make the best match possible to ensure that not only is everyone happy together, but that the pets do not get returned to the shelter. Adopting a pet is a serious commitment and though it’s a fun process it is one that needs to be given a great deal of thought.

Even after you adopt a shelter pet there are still many things you can do to help the shelter and the other pets remaining there. Many shelters need donations and volunteers to keep running. You can give the gift of time, money, toys and food for the pets or even office supplies. The more the shelters receive the more they can do to help the furry kitties and puppies they are temporarily housing until they receive their permanent loving home.

Bob Barker - Have Your Pets Spayed or Neutered!To sum up my public service announcement I’ll take a moment to sound like my man Bob Barker and say, “Have your pets spayed or neutered!” Animal shelters all provide adoptive parents with the information needed on spaying or neutering your new pet if they aren’t already. It really is our duty as pet owners to control the pet population. It breaks my heart to know there are so many animals out there that don’t have homes. If I could I would save them all (guess at point I would be the crazy cat lady) but sadly I can’t. So I will raise my voice as much as I can and be an advocate for people to adopt shelter animals – not just kitties (though I do love them more) but dogs too! My thought is if everyone does their part then together we can make a difference!


My Kitty Kimberly – The Very Beginning

Well Kimberly came to me as a present during Christmas of 1999. I had grown up with kitties but I didn’t have one that was officially labeled as “mine”.  I was the typical child that begged my parents for a pet and made the typical “I promise I’ll take care of it” statement.  This however, was getting me no where!  I kept bringing it up frequently to multiple people how badly I wanted a kitten of my own.  So one of my friends went to our local APL (Animal Protective League) and picked a baby kitty just for me!

Kimmie on Her Fleece BlanketMy Kimberly – she was so adorable and so little.  (Note: I did not name her Kimberly.  She was born at the APL and on her birth certificate it said Kim.  I figured I’d throw that out there since everyone wonders why my cat has a people name.)  My mom however, was less than thrilled that we were going to have a kitten in the house.  She made me give Kimberly back to my friend for a few nights because she was so un happy about her.  But after some whining I got my way and Kimberly was there to stay!

About ME!

My name is Jennifer and this is my life in photos.  Pictures are my favorite way to document moments in my life, from the smallest things to the largest.  This way when I’m older I can look back on all the people and the times that made me who I am.  These pictures start from my life growing up in a small town to my life’s current station in the capital city, Columbus Ohio. The Capital City!

I grew up in Ravenna Ohio which is named after Ravenna Italy. It’s a pretty nice little place. Not too small of a town where everyone knows everyone’s business, but small enough to feel homey. We’re kinda obsessed with hot air balloons, they’re our theme I suppose. Colofrul Hot Air Balloon We have an annual Balloon-A-Fair festival which includes a parade and a day full of eating fair food and browsing around different booths.  I myself got to participate in the parade during high school as I was in the marching band.  Ah yes!  I was one of the cool kids in band.  Oh the many memories I have of marching in the parade.  One year my teeth were chattering because of the sleet falling and the next sweating my butt off because I was wearing a wool band uniform out in almost 80 degree sun!

Guess I didn’t mention that Ravenna was in Northeast Ohio where good old Mother Nature tends to be a bit schizophrenic.  Where one day it’s a nice pleasent 65 degrees out and you’re perfectly comfortable wearing a hoodie and then the next day… well you’re wondering where your car is under all the snow and ice!  Where is my car under all this snowGuess it taught me to stay on my toes, got me familiar with the faces on the Weather Channel and taught me to appreciate the sun because you never know when it’s coming back!